About The Minister

Repeat the name Mario Herbert and persons who know him will automatically say Psalmist, songwriter and videographer.  But there is so much more to this maestro.  Mario is a certified IT Technician and a tutor who loves creativity. His greatest passion however, is getting the word of God to the masses which he assiduously does through several mediums.  Some of his notable accomplishments include the production of two successful CDs all of which he wrote and produced, as well as performing on Barbados’ local television station.  He is also the producer of a YouTube Channel, called Revelation For Life, in which he expounds on the word of God to bring revelation.  During his down time, you may catch Mario watching television or working on his next big project.

Mario Herbert is a Minister at World Transformational Centre Ministries Inc. in Barbados, under the covering of Rev. Ronalston Wiggins & Rev. Ruth-Ann Wiggins.